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Download the New Angry Birds with Ads Free Feature


Although advertising has become one of the ways developers of many products and services increase their revenue options, they must be done without unduly interfering with the experience the product is meant to offer.

The spontaneous interruptions ads when players are in the heat of the game can be a real nuisance to many fans and game enthusiasts. Whereas it must be admitted that the nuisance that the ads present does not necessarily bother all players. A significant number of them have expressed concerns in the way the ads seem to interrupt the moments when the game should be at its best. Yet the advertisers also understand that this is the time when their ad will access the widest audience among the game enthusiasts.

Understanding the Attraction behind Angry Birds Free

Angry Birds continues to be a thriller game because of the unique themes and character it uses to capture the imagination of the players. Few games have come close to the creativity levels that Angry Birds have achieved. Fans also seem to be particularly excited by the mysterious escapades of the birds and the pigs in the game. The extraordinary powers of the birds used to neutralize the pig attacks is a real attraction. It seems to fill a man’s desire to act extraordinarily and do the extraordinary. It is only fulfilled in the game through powered attainments which allow the control of powerful Angry Birds which can wreck havoc on installations in the piggy worlds.

Download the Free Anti Ads Update Now on Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment, the developer of the Angry Birds series has responded by providing an update that will enable you to stop the popping ads in the in-game. If you have been a keen fan or player you will notice that there has been a version of Angry Birds that does not feature any ads. The ads free version has always been available at a cost. The fans of the free version models can enjoy as much fan by restricting the ads that pop pup to spoil their best moments with Angry Birds.

How to Stop the Ads on Your Free Angry Birds Game

• Tap on the “postman piggy”
• Open up Angry Birds at any level and click on the pause button.
• When the Rovio News appears, tap on the mail piggy standing in the sun.
• The mail pig triggers clouds and subsequent rain. She will also empty the mail bag along which the ads vanish.

Angry Birds Update Is Available on All Platforms for Free

Users need to note that the update for disabling the ads is available on all Angry Birds versions and is provided for free. Anyone who wishes to start enjoying the new feature can download it now.

Other News Indicates That in Fact the Ads Features Disabled By Default in Angry Birds Rio.
The ads feature is like a double edged sword. There are fans who like the ads. The ads are a definite opportunity for product developers to reach a wider audience. Users may also access information about products they may be interested in for free. Yet the ads can be an unwelcome interruption when a player’s only focus is to play the game and accumulate scores with the intention of rising to a new level.