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Samsung, whenever you heard this word, the things that will come to your mind are smartphones and amazing laptops. Well, as an addition to your imagination, Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is here for you. Here’s what you have to be excited about this extra-ordinary laptop.

Perfected ultra-book

The Ativ Book 9 Plus is greatly like the more established Book 9: gunmetal-blue on the outside, silver edges, a bended, decreased profile like an airfoil, and a foot shaped impression littler than a 13-inch Macbook Air.

You can make a contention – a simple one, actually – that the greatest thing keeping down Windows 8 laptops is Windows 8 itself. Equipment producers are plainly attempting to try their hardest, yet there’s a choice to be made: outline a flippy-convertible tablet-to-laptop monster, or simply make a great laptop?

The Samsung Book 9 Plus chooses the last way, and likely sagaciously so. It’s heavier than the last Book 9/Series 9, weighing in at 3.2 pounds versus the sub-3-pound wonder it was long ago. It’s a smidgen thicker, too, to suit the upper top’s new touch screen. You most likely won’t perceive much; the last Book 9 was shockingly light, and this new model simply feels typical.

For the past years, there’s been a great deal of gadgets embracing high pixel-thickness “ultra-high-res” shows, higher than 1080p and gloating much crisper picture quality. The changes might be difficult to acknowledge: once you get in excess of 1080p, the sharpness of content and picture quality adds up to close-up detail more than hop out clarity.

The wide clickable touch cushion is by and by decent, with loads of multi-finger signal room, and it’s not difficult to do off-edge swiping. Consoles and touch cushions matter, and Samsung by and large nails both on the Book 9 Plus.

Console and touch cushion are on point

It’s keyboard is illuminated; in any case, it’s so quietly done that you may not recognize in typical light. The pale blue LED lighting works delicately, simply enough with the goal that the keys are meaningful in all light conditions, versus appear “lit up.” The raised keys are really level, as on a lot of people meager laptops, however the console is laid out with liberal extensive size, and feels great to sort on.


Alright, here’s one thing I truly wish were enhanced since the last Book 9: Samsung truly cherishes smaller than normal ports on the Book 9 Plus. HDMI and VGA feature out are obviously spoken to by micro-ports. There are two full USB 3.0 ports and a SD card space, however might it be so tricky to fit a standard HDMI port in, as well? Simply inquisitive.

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