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Denmark Project in Minecraft – Perfectly Recreated


The team at Geodata Agency managed to recreate Denmark on a scale of 1:1 in the popular Minecraft game.

Simon Kokkendoft and Thorbjørn Nielsen used data taken from Geodata agency to virtually recreate the entire country Denmark in Minecraft, brick by brick.

Although the Denmark project was conducted in Minecraft just for personal enjoyment, the two initiators are focused on providing educational values??. They hope the project will be taken by schools in Denmark and will help independent studios to better understand the concepts of urban planning and environmental conservation. The idea to allow anyone to browse and explore the country in 3D is very good. Of course, not all buildings were reproduced at the smallest details, but almost all of the country’s landscape comply with reality.

Anyone with an account of Minecraft can explore the map and understand now the lands and the organization and construction of the various elements. Since Minecraft is very popular among young people and children, is a very good medium to persuade them to explore and understand many of the geographic features of the country.

Simon Kokkendoft and Thorbjørn Nielsen are thinking to reproduce, with their consent, other important geographic features, and also other countries, of course, if they can provide geographic data in the required format.