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Viber App Problem – Conversations Aren't Encrypted


Although it is one of the most popular cross-platform VoIP services, Viber seems to have some important gaps in the security.

Viber is an application that many smartphone owners have it installed. In addition to voice calls, it is able to provide transfers of videos and images from an user to another. The big problem is that the entire data transfer occurs without any encryption. This information was confirmed by a group of security researchers.

Ibrahim Baggili and Jason Moore, researchers in education and cybercrime group at the University of New Haven showed poor live data transmission mode practiced by Viber. Apparently, a PC with Windows 7, configured as an access point, did a great job to intercept all traffic transmitted on wireless, including your VoIP conversations and submitted documents.

As expected, the intercept is not very easy, but people with an average level of networking knowledge can put the project into practice. It is incredibly easy to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot just to do a bit of technology hunting. Overall, Viber has fallen victim to the methods for monitoring traffic, including any variations of attacks like “men in the middle“. We can only hope that this VoIP service will adopt a complex security standard as soon as possible or risks losing users.