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Mozilla Launched Firefox 29 – Download 2014 Top Browser


The drive for simplicity rarely see radical changes in design, like the new version of Mozilla Firefox 29.

After a long beta period, Firefox 29 was released to the public today. Radically different from previous versions, but still continued to be evident that we mention the Mozilla browser.

For now, the tabs are much better highlighted and is much easier to identify the active window. In addition, although the background tabs are lost in the background, titles are always very clear, so you can easily jump to what you need. The new menu, with an emphasis on large icons similar to those from a smartphone, is much easier to understand and use. You can easily drag icons from a menu in a toolbar and vice versa, and if there are elements that you don’t use too often in the standard interface is very easy to get rid of them. Basically, in a few steps, you can make configuration more productive.

The page that appears by default when you create a new tab is also customizable with shortcuts and buttons to be of help. Everything about the new design can be customized in such a way as to your liking. The synchronization between devices tabs also received an update. I’m curious if for long term we feel an advantadge when it comes to performance of loaded pages or 30 tabs open at once.

In principle, the new version of Mozilla Firefox should be automatically installed. If this does not happen, you can do it manually from the Mozilla website.