High Life updates will be Released by Rockstar

In the news released by Rockstar, the game developers for GTA 5, console gamers will get a free update for the High Life option in a week’s time.

This update will be released for the PS3 and the Xbox360 platforms on May 13, 2014.

Gamers will now be able to buy different properties which include premium apartments in Richards Majestics and Eclipse Towers. However, there are other premium locations also included in the update. Gamers will also have access to the following vehicles which have been added to the platform. These vehicles are a motorcycle named Dinka Thrust, a sports car named the Dewbauchee Massacro, an SUV called as the Enus Huntley S and a supercar named the Pegassi Zentorno. There is also a rifle called as the Bullpup included in it.

Gamers can also disable collisions when they enter races. There are new options for clothing, celebrations, jobs and vehicle horns also included. Once it goes live, the update will be added to the gameplay automatically. Rockstar is also expected to release more single player updates in the second half of 2014.

Detailed Tips on Designing Capture Jobs

Rockstar Games posted detailed instructions on tips related to designing capture jobs. This was posted on the company’s official website. The company had recently released the tool called Capture Creator.

This tool helps gamers to create customized missions in the existing platform. Gamers can create these missions by choosing locations, pickup points, weapons and a host of other options as per the need. The tool is extremely flexible and helps create the mission of the player’s choice.

The company states that the player should start by assigning a title, image and description to the mission. Next, he/she should decide the scale of the environment and also the number of players in the mission. Players can even create artificial characters in the mission. Each of these characters can be assigned a role and attributes.

There are different types of jobs/missions which can be created. In the contend category, gamers can fight over objects which each gamer can get to the finish line. Here, gamers need to demarcate the starting line and the finish line, that is to capture points while designing the game. In the Hold Jobs category, gamers can capture items from a demarcated area and opponents bases. In missions centered on Raids, players need to focus on how to design locations for each team’s base. Missions centered on vehicles need to be focused on the size and type of vehicles that can be captured.

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