The Nokia X is the brand-new smartphone from the Finnish company to feature the Android operating system.

Many have questioned the decision of Nokia to go for the Windows operating system while Android has grown in popularity since its launch. The Nokia X is the phone that will provide Android features in a Nokia phone. Meanwhile, as a result of owning Motorola, Google is able to provide Nexus like features in the new Moto X.


The Nokia X is a budget smartphone, which will be capable of boosting features like a large touch screen display. However, it focuses primarily on reducing the cost. It may not be the last word in terms of design and styling, but Nokia has provided the phone in a decent package that is extremely good to hold. The Moto X is slightly larger phone than the Nokia X, but it also manages to provide excellent dynamics with a great design.


This has become one of the prominent features in a smartphone nowadays. At a time when the Apple iPhone 5S comes with only a 4 inch display, it is a major boost for Nokia to include a screen of a similar size in the Nokia X. It may not be comparable in terms of resolution and other aspects, but the fact that it even features a screen similar to that of the iPhone 5S in terms of size is a major boost. It is a much pricier Android smartphone, the Moto X offers a 4.7-inch unit.


This feature has been consistently improved in the smartphones over the years and it has now reached the point when it will be capable of challenging the quality of digital cameras. This is true in the case of the Moto X, which provides a 10 megapixel camera at the disposal of the user. This camera comes with all the latest features seen in every other high-end smartphone like autofocus, face and smile detection, full HD video recording, and panorama mode.

The camera on the Nokia X is not full-fledged as the one found on the Moto X, but it is more than capable of taking decent pictures thanks to its 3.15 megapixel unit. Apart from featuring a sensor size of 1/5” (which allows you to take great photos even in low light), the camera offers fewer features. It is not capable of 720p video recording, as Nokia offers only the ability to shoot 480p videos.

Operating System

Both devices come with the Android operating system but they are vastly dissimilar due to several aspects. While the Moto X uses the full version of the Android OS designed to run on high-end phones, the Nokia X comes with the open source version. As a result, it misses many goodies, but it comes with support for the huge Android app ecosystem.

The unlocked version of the Nokia X with 4 GB of internal memory is priced at around $ 140 with the Moto X coming at around $ 340 for the 16 GB version.

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