A lot of top cameras are likely to be launched in 2014 and when we are talking about some of the big names that are likely to feature, one of the models that deserve a mention has to be Olympus PEN E-PL7. As per reports, this camera is going to borrow significant features from Olympus OM-D E-M10 which was launched earlier this year.

The Top Specification List

As per the reports in the media, following is a list of some of the specifications that are going to be a part of this model.

  • The camera will have a sensor of 17.02 MP, but the effective sensor is 16.05 MP
  • The shutter speed of this model of camera is 1/4000 – 60 seconds, which is definitely impressive and can help you in capturing swift shots with clarity
  • This model comes with a 3-inch LCD screen that has 3: 2 aspect ratio
  • The ISO range offered by PEN E-PL7 is 200 – 25,600
  • The camera also comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi which will help you in sharing your pictures with ease
  • The flash sync speed offered by PEN E-PL7 is 1/250
  • This camera comes with a recording ability of 8 frames per second

These are some of the top specifications that have been rumored to be a part of this model. When the camera formally launches, we will come to know about these features and the main details associated with it.

Will This Camera Be a Hit?

It is hard to come to give a verdict well before the model is launched. There is no official date and confirmation regarding when this camera will hit the market. However, the buzz and reports that are circulating is getting intense every single day.

PEN E-PL7 seems to have been inspired from its predecessors and thus there are going to be various similarities between the different models. Olympus is a big brand in the field of cameras and their cameras are known to be one of the best.

When you are buying a camera, you will have to check out the clarity that the pictures offer. If the pictures do not come out as clear, even the best cameras will fail to impress. Once the model is officially launched, people are going to start writing reviews for the same.

When we look at the specifications, we can understand that this camera is likely to come equipped with some of the best features that one can hope for. The design and the specification list are such that it has made a lot of photographers excited.

No doubt, there are plenty of other similar models in the market. In order to understand if this camera is the best choice for you, you should ideally compare the different models and check out the technical specifications offered by them. 2014 is going to see plenty of different new models and thus as a photographer, you should compare and analyze the features such that you can come to the right decision.

Olympus has managed to bag quite a lot of accolades because most of the camera models have done a commendable job. The reviews for most of the models are positive and the picture clarity is definitely promising.

With this new model, Olympus is gearing to set its own mark. They are hopeful that PEN E-PL7 is going to be the perfect model which will re-establish the supremacy and reign of this brand all over again. With the best digital cameras, you will be able to steal some of the best shots which will give you the pleasure of having succeeded in the field of photography and preserving moments and making memories.

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