The latest anime series for 2014 has spoilt animation show lovers with a wide range of choice, from comedy to action to sci-fi and drama themes.  Here are the top six choices for anime series that you must watch this season.

Black Bullet

This anime series with animation by studio Kinema Citrus is an action cum adventure based one with a supernatural element in it. The story is based in the near future of the world, when a deadly virus Gastrea has attacked the world, converting the host into a mutant beast. Humans make use of Civil Security companies for contracting an Initiator or a Promoter combination, where the promoter looks after the war logistics and the Initiator takes care of the Gastrea monsters. There are many young girls who are also infected and they save the world. The action is very fast and dynamic.


This anime series Mekaku City Actors with animation by studio Shaft belongs to the action and supernatural genre, with the story revolving around an unemployed eighteen-year-old loner, who joins a teenage group. He has strange powers connected with the eye and thwarts the attack of a terrorist group with the help of a cyber friend. It is based on a song series from Vocaloid and the cinematography is very appealing, using various art styles. The visual flairs of the animation studio are amazing, with cool characters combined with excellent music.

Isshuukan Friends

This anime series from the animation studio Brains Base is a romantic, school life genre, where Yuki Hase is a high school going boy, who wishes to be friends with his classmate named Kaori Fumimiya. But Kaori Fujimiya has a problem, as she forgets all her friends on every Monday. Yuki Hase is not put off by her condition and wants to become her friend after every week. The color palettes as well as the designs for the characters are excellent in this anime show. The humor is also very subtle and interaction among the characters is light and amusing, offering a good drama that you will love to watch every week.

Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou

The anime series belongs to the romantic school life genre and is created by the animation studio Brains Base, revolving round a high school going boy, who stays in a boarding home. The house is full of crazy and perverted people and he meets a quiet girl who loves literature and begins to develop a crush on her. It is a sweet romantic comedy centering on a girl who is emotionally closed. The comedy timing is good offering a great combination.

No Game No Life

This anime series is an adventure combined with the fantasy genre and comes from the Madhouse Studio. The plot revolves round two NEET siblings, who are very efficient at playing games. They get transported into a place where games can decide everything, including national borders. The series is very colorful, with excellent character designs as well as a colorful world. The world is first introduced in the initial episode and you can also view the amazing skills that the siblings have in playing these games. The premise is intriguing and the animation is simply gorgeous.

Witch Craft Works

This belongs to the comedy as well as romance and modern fantasy genre and it is about Takamiya. He is a high school boy, sitting near Kagari, who is a very popular girl in the school. A witch along with an army consisting of bunny golems suddenly attacks Takamiya one day. Kagari helps rescue him from the witch, but she gives him the shocking news that she is a witch and is also his magical bodyguard. Gender roles are inverted from their stereotype of a boy protecting a girl and the story is based on a classic fantasy genre. The anime series very enjoyable and has excellent visuals and good humor.


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