Hello all. It’s been a while and I wanted to let you know about the fresh hell I went through these past few months figuring out what was going on with the site.

Suddenly, one day, Donklephant started to redirect to mywebpost.com. Why? I didn’t know. And I couldn’t log in to the WordPress back end to look at the code. I was locked out. Essentially, I was helpless.

Was I hacked? I thought so. It certainly appeared that way. So I reached out to my hosting service and asked what was going on. They told me that somebody had gotten in to the site, put in some redirect code and that’s why this was happening. Considered me depressed.

But then a friend I hadn’t thought of to help me, John from Conscious Images, saved the day. He checked it all out and figured out

So here’s what happened…

An ad link I had put up a LONG time ago had been changed so it made the site redirect to that nonsense site. It was a clever bit of code hacking, but it worked and I was completely befuddled. And so was everybody else.

Long story short, the site is back and you can check out anything you want without worrying about redirects.

Thanks for visiting and we may resume our normally schedule posting in the future. But no promises. Politics is exhausting.


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