Minecraft: PlayStation 4 and Minecraft Xbox One editions are enjoying all the attention they deserve and their fans can’t wait to see them released, but Minecraft Xbox 360 is slowing stepping into the spotlight also with the many new patches that is getting.

4J Studios offered a pair of Birthday Skin Packs to the players of Minecraft Xbox 360 who celebrated the second debut anniversary of Xbox Live Indie Arcade. Recently, the developer talked about the Halo Mash-Up Pack, the predecessor of the Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 16 and even if Minecraft was supposed to have a release for both platforms, it’s seems that, for the second time, Minecraft Xbox 360 receives a new patch, while the PlayStation version is not.

In the course of this month, the fans of Minecraft Xbox 360 will receive the new batch that fixes a lot of bugs, while the users of PS3 won’t be able to download the 1.06 version until May 28.

On the Minecraft Forum website was published the list of 19 changes from the “Update 16”.

– a fix for the players who are becoming invisible after their deaths / respawning
– a fix for the players who are becoming invisible when they go along with another player through a nether gate, simultaneously.
– a fix for the players who sometimes become invisible after they teleport themselves, until they move or another player sees them as invisible moves.
– a fix for Noteblock pitch being wrong – more noticeable when chords are played
– a fix for Mobs who dye in walls – the fresh Mobs adults
– a fix for chunks not loading in maps – tends to be specific seeds
– the streaming music that wasn’t playing after a CD that was ejected from a jukebox was fixed
– a fix for players who attach Signs to the Chest with a block placed above it
– a fix for the players who breed wild Ocelots
– a fix for the players who breed Ocelot with Cat
– a fix for tame wolves that were removed when no players were close by when they were irritated.
– a fix for Potion of Night Vision corrupts the game’s UI while player is falling into the Void in the End.
– a fix for damage decals not displaying in splitscreen if the secondary player is 30 + blocks away from the primary player.
– a fix for lava drip particles that were too dark/black.
– a fix for sitting wolves / or stationary entities that weren’t immediately visible if a remote player spawned next to them, or spawned far away and quickly headed towards them
– a fix for Leather Armour that wasn’t displaying the enchantment glow
– a fix for Enchanted item in hand effect that was wrong
-a fix for blocks placed at Y 128 being black on top.

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