If you own a PS3 console but have refrained from buying Battlefield 4 because of its notoriously popular bugs, it’s time to give it a shot.

Ever since the game was launched in October 2013, it has been slammed with a slew of criticism. Most players worldwide were completely unhappy with its glitches, bugs and crashes that spoiled the game play. In reality, it is one of the best multiplayer shooters available and has the potential to provide an immersive experience like never before. The team at EA and Dice now believes that they have successfully fixed all major bugs that have been acting as a hurdle to provide the optimal gaming experience.

With a view to promote the title and encourage more players to buy it on the PS3 console, they announced a free trial. The trial period began from May 27 for all Playstation Plus members. You can download the game officially but the timer will only begin from the moment you start playing it. A total of 20 hours is offered to each player, which is more than enough to get an idea on how good the title is.

Making Unhappy Players Happy

For those of you who have been surfing the internet regularly, it might be a familiar sight to see a lot of memes and criticism bashing EA for their disrespectful act. The company is being detested a lot these days because of their improper delivery with Battlefield 4. The problem doesn’t end there. They have been promoting a lot of micro transactions for their mobile titles and are planning to introduce them in the PC version of the game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. The problem continues with the delay in releasing new DLC packs for premium members who paid the sum for those maps months earlier but had to wait for an actual release.

Even when the maps got released, the bugs that used to bother BF4 continued with it, which further frustrated gamers. A couple of weeks back, EA in association with DICE announced that they will focus their entire human resources in fixing the problems found in the game before they move to the next two pending DLCs. The move was lauded by most people and it looks like the company has fixed all major glitches, which will in turn provide a more sophisticated experience for their patrons.

More Awaits PS Plus Members

EA has also confirmed that during the trial period of 20 hours, PS3 players will be able to access content only from the base game and no DLC content will be made available to them. Apart from Battlefield 4, there are lots of other stuff waiting for Playstation Plus gamers, such as Limbo in the instant game collection and huge discounts on multiple titles. EA’s new community test environment is expected to drastically change the quality of BF4 and the game is expected to be fully playable with nearly no glitches in the next three months or so. Considering the life span of Battlefield games, this shouldn’t be a long wait.

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