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Venom Cover May Be Worst Thing You’ll Ever Hear


Many demerits
Many demerits
My initial reaction to the following Venom cover was “What is this lame-ass bullshit?”

Seriously. What the fuck is up with the following cover?

Are you trying to make everyone who ever liked metal hate your ass? Is it a joke?

Whatever it is, it may actually be the worst thing you ever hear. After everything that has been released by Five Frenzied Clam Munch.

The fools responsible for this garbage are called The Soft Pink Truth.

The truth is you suck.

Like, a barrel filled with dicks.

The cover shows up on the band’s forthcoming effort Who Do The Heathen Rage: Electronic Profanations Of Black Metal Classics, which comes out June 17 and also will boast Mayhem, Darkthrone, Hellhammer, and Sarcofago covers.

See red in five, four, three, two…GO!