The difference between a tablet and laptop is quite significant in the current scenario.

One of the devices that aim to bridge this gap is the Surface Pro 2. Launched just over a year ago, this device came out with a big reputation of being the ultimate windows tablet. However, certain flaws in the device meant that it simply could not overcome the popularity of the iPad or the MacBook. Microsoft seems to have corrected several aspects of this device and it has come out with the third generation, Surface Pro 3.


Microsoft went big with the competition at the unveiling of the Surface Pro 3 by directly pitting it against the MacBook Air. Even though it may not be able to match the Apple device in terms of thinness, it is not a slouch either. This is true in the case of the Surface Pro 2 as well, although it is 1 mm thicker than its latest generation device. Unlike the iPad, these devices come with cooling vents in order to sustain the heat generated by the Intel processors.


The major difference between the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 comes about in the screen. The latter features a 12 inch display compared to the 10.6 inch in the former. This is a major improvement from the previous device. Further, the Surface Pro 3 also features a 2K display, which is a substantial advantage over the retina display from the iPad and the MacBook Air. The device also features a 3:2 aspect ratio in order to maximize the content available on this high resolution display.

Due to the high resolution, Microsoft also claims that the 12 inch display will be able to provide more information than the 13 inch display on the MacBook Air. This is once again a clean hint that Microsoft sees this device as the perfect competition and replacement for the MacBook Air – one of the most popular laptops available today.


The Surface Pro 2 was offered with an i5 processor, which was not really flexible when it came to pricing. Now, Microsoft offers its flagship Surface Pro 3 tablet with several processor options. The range starts from the i3 processor and goes all the way to the i7 processor. Other specifications like RAM and the amount of internal memory changes depending upon the processor chosen. Even though the top of the pile Surface Pro 3 far exceeds the MacBook Air in terms of price, it would still be seen as an advantage given the processing power on offer.

Other Features

The Surface Pro 3 also comes equipped with a five megapixel camera at the back. The stylus option on the Surface Pro 2 has been improved even further on this new device. It is now capable of activating the OneNote application with a simple click on the top of the pen.

The Surface Pro 3 prices start at just $799, while the Surface Pro 2 used to be priced at $899. The top end versions of the Surface Pro 3, though, will cost in excess of $1500.

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