At this year’s E3, the annual video game conference which was held at the Los Angeles Convention center, there were a lot of unveiled games. Microsoft and Sony have used their “time” on the scene wisely.

Both of the companies tried to catch the audience’s attention, introducing new games, or bringing some new updates to others, but who “won” this audience? Microsoft or Sony?

In concordance with Forbes, Sony won this year’s E3. However, both of the companies did whatever they could in order to catch the crowd’s attention. They presented some exclusive games along with some of the “eye-catching” independent games.

Microsoft’s press conference was a bit “shy”, according to Forbes. It seems that Microsoft selected the games very carefully, trying to be as “safe” as possible. However, they didn’t focus on their new console so much.

On the other side, Sony’s representatives came very “relaxed” at the E3 press conference and they really enjoyed this event. Adam Boyes and Andrew House were smiling all the time and transmitted positive energy.

Unlike Microsoft, which focused on games, Sony was concentrated on social and TV offerings, along with consoles and games. With other words, Sony had more eyes on them than Microsoft had.

Along with the fact that Sony won at the E3, they came with some of the greatest video games for their PS4 users. While some of the games were already available, there are several others which will be released later this year. Here are some games for the PS4 console that were unveiled by Sony at the E3 2014’s conference.

1. The Order: 1886 trailer

2. Bloodbourne trailer

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer

4. Entwined trailer

5. Infamous: First Light trailer


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