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Rainbow Six Siege Beta Hinted By Ubisoft


If you have been closely following E3 2014, you might have come across this excellent title from Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege is an iteration of Rainbow Six Patriots which has been designed with a multi-player first approach. The title was launched during the Ubisoft press conference with an impressive game play video that showed five versus five hostage rescue match. For those gamers out there, who were wondering when you will be actually playing this game, there is good news. During an interview with the official Xbox magazine, the Ubisoft producer Sebastien Labbe subtly confirmed that the game is set to launch in beta shortly which will allow players to experience it first-hand. The beta program will also allow the developers to fix any bugs, glitches, strain the server to test its capability and ensure that the game runs as intended on release date. Massive beta programs launched by Battlefield 4 and Titanfall became hugely successful on the PC platform. A similar program will be initiated by Ubisoft on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC before the actual release date of Rainbow Six.

Beta Confirmed, Almost!

While speaking to the press, Sebastien tried his best to avoid the question and dodged it for a while, until he gave up. He then said, “I guess if I start talking about it in the open, a PR will most probably kill me. But, here you go. We are not any different from other online shooters and we are looking forward to be part of the online community. Our ultimate goal, is to create a strong player versus player experience and in order to do so, we should first build our community. So, if we are about to wait till the end and go for the release date, it might be too late to build one.”

Procedural Destruction – A Unique Feature

Sharing more information about the upcoming title, Ubisoft game developers added that it will feature a unique procedural destruction system. The environment will be fully destructible and it will continuously react to the damages that a player inflicts. While a similar feature has been introduced into games like Battlefield a long time ago, the Rainbow Six experience could be different because it is a tactical shooter which often happens in close quarters. The developers believe that the damage responsive environment will give players enough reasons to get creative with their ideas and destroy the map in a progressive manner so as to keep the winning streak in their side.

Even though, it has been designed to be responsive, the game developers added that not everything will fall off in the game. Some walls cannot be destroyed but they will still allow bullets to pass through which will come in handy to take down an enemy. The environment uses a layered material system which ensures that the structures in the map destructs slowly rather than being blown into pieces with a single shot. This makes players capable of turning the game in their favor even at the last moment.