Design and Build

When you view the LG G3 for the first time, you might just end up being intimidated. The screen is huge at 5.5 inches. Yet, the bezels are narrowed and hence it is quite compact. The display is awesome with a Quad high definition resolution of 2560 x 1440p, resulting in a pixel density of 538 ppi. Though it is completely plastic, the build quality is excellent and durable, but a little slippery, so you may need a case. The plastic device enables wireless charging, so you just have to place it on a compatible plate for charging.

Removable Battery

The battery in the LG G3 is removable. The device also has a microSD card offering expandable memory. The camera is capable of recording pictures at a resolution of 13 MP and also video recording at 4K. The internal storage available is 32GB, but you can expand it to 128GB. The battery life of the device is excellent and just keeps on going. The volume is clear and loud and games and movies are excellent.

The G3 has a good camera that takes clean and detailed pictures. The camera also has a laser that can be used for quicker focusing. You need not waste some important shots just because the camera is taking time focusing, as the G3 gets rid of this problem. Another feature of the camera is the dual flash, which helps you take excellent pictures even in low light conditions. Video recording can be done in 4K and the colors are quite good, though quality is not so good when there is a lot of movement. The audio quality while recording is excellent, with the microphone picking up all the little sounds.

OS and User Interface

LG G3 runs on Android 4.4.2. LG has made it possible for various customizing and optimizing options to be done to the OS. The icons on the phone are flat and performance is quick and smooth without any lags, when you navigate through the screens or the settings. The user interface is almost similar to stock Android, with a few differences. You can uninstall an application by choosing Edit/uninstall applications from the drawer. Then, you just click on x for the app that you want to delete. The pull down menu has excellent large, flat icons, offering an overall great user interface. The keyboard is much better than the usual stock Android variant. The Swype type of keyboard drawing is not present by default, but you can select this very good method for inputting text. The keyboard size or height can also be customized in the settings.

Security Features

Most users don’t bother about securing their smartphones, as it is too much of a bother to unlock it. LG G3 allows users to unlock the phone very easily, merely by tapping the screen with a certain pattern, when the display is off. So, unlocking becomes fun and easy, though you can still use pins or passwords if you want.

Kill Switch is another feature enabling greater security. The kill switch can be enabled to completely kill your phone, making it as good as a brick.

Other Features

The Health software is really cool and helps the user track their health, when they input their physical details, such as height, weight and so on. It tells you how many calories you have burned, your steps and the distance you have walked, thereby helping you to stay healthy.

There is a split screen option for multitasking, enabling apps to be run side by side, by selecting the Dual Window button.


The LG G3 is absolutely wonderful and makes vast improvements on the LG G2. The specs are enhanced and it has a great camera with laser and 4K recording. It is available at around $800 unlocked, for the 32GB version.

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