Without a doubt, Watch Dogs is not the best game title around to check the rendering capabilities of your powerful gaming rig.

Even though, majority of console gamers say that PC gamers are obsessed with graphics rather than game play or other aspects of a title, it is a fact that one has to accept. After you see how good titles like Battlefield 4 and Metro series look on a computer, you would hardly want to go back to console again. They use the most out of the AMD or Nvidia graphic card which sets them apart but the newest IP from Ubisoft failed to achieve what they call next gen.

In an attempt to make sure the game runs on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles that are nearly seven years old, they diluted the game so much that people were literally angry at the company for showing something so cool in 2012 and delivering a shoddy product. But, you don’t have to worry much because things are about to change. PC is known for its modding capabilities and the new game will now undergo tinkering so that it can be tweaked to look better.

A New Mod is Coming

Watch Dogs is all set to receive a new mod created by a Guru3D forum member. Named as The Worse, the person is now working on creating multiple visual effects to the game including dynamic shadows, better lighting and lots of other new features. According to his forum posts, it can be deduced that the game will look a lot better once the mod starts rolling out. It is completely unofficial but given the nerdy geeks, who are mostly PC players, you can be confident that the person will come up with a worthy addition to the title. The team/ person had also posted a video which compares the new game with GTA 4 which is an older title, yet it looks very good in terms of lighting effects. One of the features that the game is missing includes dynamic lighting in car headlights which will be part of the mod when it gets officially released. Other additions expected include higher density of civilians on the road, better bloom effect and textures. The PC hardware can easily handle them all, but the original game was diluted so that it can run without stuttering on old gen PS3 and Xbox 360.

Watch Dogs 2

The Ubisoft CEO has confirmed that Watch Dogs is officially a franchise now because of the massive sales that it witnessed. The game sold over four million copies in a week and has already broken most records set by other Ubi games. It’s just a wild guess now, but when Watch Dogs 2 comes out, it could most probably be a more refined and beautiful game because it will, in all likelihood, be available only on the current generation of consoles as well as PCs. The better hardware should help make it a worthy title, which has the potential to be the next Assassin’s Creed.

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