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The Room application has been developed by Fireproof Games along with Fireproof Studios Ltd. It was first released in the App Store for iOS devices and is now available in the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon Store. The game has stunning three-dimensional graphics and is a top application winning multiple awards. The game is filled with mystery and peril, where the player gets transported into a unique place with spellbinding visuals and intriguing problems that he has to solve.

The Room has four chapters, where the player has to find clues and tries to solve the puzzles, in order to go to the next level. The game is an excellent brainteaser and has good 3D graphics. The game begins by viewing a small table with an envelope on it. After sliding the letter out of the envelope, you are told about a unique box to entice you to solve the puzzles and the clever idles, seeking keys to more clues.

Tips for Chapter 1 The Room – A Sample

Use the finger for swiping the camera found around the safe and tap two times on the envelope placed on the safe. Take the key and rotate the box lid for lining up the keyhole. After opening it, take the eyepiece and make a double tap on the note, which says ‘Feed me and I shall survive, Give me drink and I shall die’. You need to solve the riddle, so swipe around the safe in order to search for a clue. You will find the symbol of a fire on the safe leg, so this is the answer. Just tap the symbol of the fire.

Touch Controls

The touch controls of the game make it very immersive. There is also a brief tutorial that will help you to familiarize yourself with the various controls. They are also very intuitive and you can make use of the multi touch functions available on your device. Tap away at the sides of the safe, the box, the knobs, and the drawers and view all the secret messages kept within.

Before you reach the end of the game, you will have to explore all the interactive areas available in the game. Some of the areas are very accessible and obvious, whereas other areas are hidden. You have to decipher the puzzle correctly in order to move on, in the right sequence of events.

Deduction Skills

You will also have to make use of your deduction skills and solve the puzzles with a lot of manipulation. You can use a deft swipe or just tilt the mobile device for certain actions. The exploration that you make in the game requires a lot of observations. There are also many designs and caches for examining. The player gets a special eyepiece, which he can use for examining these designs.

At times, when you are puzzled and are not able to find your way deeper into the game, you can tap on the ‘?’ icon. This will offer you a hint. Hints come in a scaffold manner, with the first one telling you what you already know and the other one being more useful. If you are very diligent, you can easily explore more and find the solution even before accessing the hints.

You will also continue to receive correspondence from the host. The letter will also help you to know more about the great powers of the device and explanations regarding its origins. Each chapter ends by opening up the next stage and this takes you towards more revelations and deeper and deeper to the center of the game.

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