Technology with attitude

Skype Redefines the Way We Give Interviews


A webcam, a microphone, a speaker and a PC with high-speed broadband connectivity, that’s all you need for an interview today.

And how? With Skype. Laptop users get all these together with the built-in Webcam, LED Flash, a microphone, stereo speakers and Skype installed on their systems. Ever since Skype has come in the market, it has drastically transformed the way people give interviews. Those long distance interviews for university admissions or jobs are no longer a nightmare. With Skype, it is as good as giving or taking an interview face-to-face with the interviewer or the interviewee.

Convenience for All

Interviewer and the applicant both feel comfortable with an online interview session using the Skype video calling feature. For an interviewer or a panel of interviewers, it is really convenient to carry out an interview session without much logistical arrangements. They can conduct this task before, after or during their office hours. The applicants, on the other hand, do not need to travel a hundred miles to attend a face to face interview session. He/she can do the same from the comforts of his/her bedroom at a mutually-agreed time. The interview process gets amazingly simplified with Skype video calls. Interviewers can also accommodate more interviews in a day, which was otherwise impossible with face to face interviews.

Same Stuff, Minus the Jitters

Although at the basic level, a face-to-face interview and a Skype interview are the same, the latter has much lesser hitches than a traditional interview. Skype gives a lot more advantage allowing structured communication where you can show an electronic presentation while the interviewers watch you. Electronic presentations are quite trendy as compared to the presentations you may give on a whiteboard in an interview room. This feature has revolutionized the way people used to think about interviews. A face-to-face interview often makes the interviewee jittery. In a Skype interview, you can stay relaxed as you are in a space of your own. The home location factor works in building your confidence while you handle the interview odds.

Saves Time and Money

When a company or an academic institution conducts Skype interviews replacing the traditional method, the organization is actually saving a lot of time and money. Online interviews through Skype are massively time-saving as interviewers can attend to multiple applicants from different destinations at the same time. It is never possible with a physical interview session. They can conduct the interview quickly without any breaks and distractions, as may happen with real life interviews.

Skype gives you one-on-one video calling facility for free. If it is used for the interview purpose, you are saving a lot on the telephone bills. Phone interviews are not always cost-effective when you are making an international call. Also, you cannot see the reaction of the applicant and judge his/her confidence. Skype video calls ensure all aspects of a traditional physical interview, only with lesser investments of time and cost. Undoubtedly then, Skype remains the obvious choice for many enterprises now.