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GTA 5 Game Updates – Charting Your Success with Enhanced Features

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High Life Update

The High Life Update is now available for GTA 5 online. With this update, you can download all the latest features along with new content. The update offers exciting features enhancing your game experience.

Purchasing new Properties

Live life large in Los Santos with this update. You can now own two properties simultaneously. In addition, you can also own 5 grand apartments. Your portfolio of real estate will now also contain additional listings from Eclipse Towers located in Vinewood or Richards Majestic located in Rockford Hills. Additional real estate listings include the Tinsel Towers located in Little Seoul or the 4 Integrity Way located in Downtown and several other locations near the beach. You need to follow the same procedure of driving to the location of the property sale and do as the prompts tell you to. You can also access your new purchase at

Storing Vehicles

You are allowed to store your vehicles in two different garages. Some new luxury cars and also a new motorbike have been introduced. You can add these to your collection. These luxury cars include the SUV, Enus Huntley S, the Sports car Dewbauchee Massacro and the Super Pegassi Zentorno. The Motorcycle Dinka Thrust can also be purchased from the Legendary Motorsport. You will also be able to access any of these vehicles from the garage when you play in the Story Mode. This will add a novel spin to the mission replays. After making all these purchases, you can protect them by purchasing the Bullpup Rifle. This can be bought from the Ammu Nation.

Taking on New Jobs

Once you have equipped yourself with all the new vehicles and the new weapons to protect them, you can take up the new missions and jobs. Many new jobs have been offered in the High Life Update. These include the Survival, TDM, Last Team Standing mode Jobs and Capture. In case you are interested in Contact missions, you will have to first fulfill the requirement, after which the associated Contact will call you.

Features and Improvements

The Mental State stat keeps a track of the user behavior. In case of a player who keeps attacking harmless pedestrians or who has the habit of terrorizing other game players, the blip turns red. If the blip is more toward the red color, it means that the player is psychotic. When the blip is toward the white shade, it means that the player is friendly. The Mental State will be affected by the actions that you take in the game. If you kill a player, the blip turns red very quickly. However, if you destroy a car or if you just attack a random pedestrian, it will turn red a little slower. If you kill another player who has a white blip, you will be pushed very quickly into the red, whereas killing other red blip players or psycho players will not do as much damage.

Interesting Enhancements

Other interesting enhancements include the Non Contact Races being made optional. Friend Spectate is also an optional feature. You can access toasts as well as celebrations for new players using backslap, a handshake, a slow clap and other features. Players can now get additional clothing that is totally suitable with your character. There are many stylish outfits available, such as classy suits or a vest, shoes and so on. You can get dressed and hit the town with these classy ensembles.

The High Life update also fixes many bugs and makes improvements in the case of many issues reported by gamers. You can continue to send your feedback to the official website at where it will be considered for further updates.