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If you enjoyed our top 5 tips, tricks and cheats articles, then you will love this one as well. So, here are other 5 great hints and tips for one of the most popular games: Candy Crush Saga!

1. Try finishing the level with extra moves left

If you finish a level with some extra moves left, you will most likely get more points, so you would want to do this as often as you can. However, you won’t get always extra scores for this, but it’s always safe to finish a level with extra moves.

2. Unlimited lives on Facebook

While playing Candy Crush Saga on your web browser, you can open multiple tabs with the game at the same time. With other words, at those hard levels you will not have to wait anymore for lives to refresh, since you will have 5 lives ready on the other tabs. However, to make this work, you will want to refresh each of the tabs every time you pass a level.

3. Free lives from friends

Keep in mind that you will have maximum 5 lives, so don’t ever accept lives from your friends if you are maxed out already. If you do accept lives while you already have max lives, those will be wasted. Try closing the windows showing you the extra lives and later, when you have “room” for more lives, you can accept them.

4. Getting extra time in “Time Challenge”

To pass these timed levels you will have to get as many +5 candies you can, since these will add more time to your “Time Challenge”. A +5 candy will drop each time you “cause” a cascade of 4 or more combos.  After that make sure you “crush” that +5 candy to get some extra time!

5. “Refresh” the candies without losing any lives

Sometimes, when you start a level, you can guess that the way candies are arranged will make you a hard time to finish the level. If you are playing on a mobile device, you can refresh them without wasting any life. To do that, just press the “exit” button before you do any moves and just get back in after that. You will see that now the candies are “rearranged” and you haven’t lost any lives.


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