Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War is one of the most frustrating and difficult games of this generation. While the campaign in “standard” difficulty seems to work like a charm, when you turn the difficulty to “Veteran”, that’s when the “fun” part begins.

It seems that the developers have done something in the Veteran difficulty because the enemies keep throwing grenades constantly. You will have to be prepared every time for grenades being thrown towards you, so you can run on time to save your life.

Lost Planet

Lost Planet is one of the most awesome shooter games of its generation, coming with great weapons, great storyline and giant enemies. However, the multiplayer mode is awful, so if you play this game you should stick to the single player mode. You’ll enjoy playing this game in normal difficulty campaign, but if you switch to the hard difficulty, it will make you frustrated.

In every boss battle, you will have to defeat a giant monster or some powerful and dangerous mech.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space was a somehow a “scary” game but didn’t offer us many challenges. However, Dead Space 2 came with less horror scenes, but more “deadly” ones.

The final boss will make your life a living hell, and we assure you that you will struggle to defeat it.

After you will unlock the hardest difficulty of the game, named Zealot, that’s when the “awesome” part comes, when enemies will take you down with just a few hits. In “Zealot” difficulty mode you are allowed to save the game only 3 times, making it very hard to finish the game at this level.

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