With the growth of technology and innovation in the modern world, ways of communication have become more advanced, simpler, and cheaper.

With the advent of smartphones and their subsequent popularity among consumers, communication has been further simplified and geographical distance between folks has closed in. The world has become a smaller place. The various app markets on various smartphone platforms are flooded with apps that facilitate communication. Among them are the free voice calling apps, which allow users to make free voice calls over their internet connections, without charging callers a single penny for the services. Such apps have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other today. They have removed physical barriers, cost barriers and distance barriers between people and helped them to connect to each other effortlessly, with just a touch of a button.

What’s the Good Bit?

A host of apps which top this list are Skype, Viber, Talkatone, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger among many others. These apps have been highly handy and popular with smartphone users. Here’s how:-

  • Free voice calling apps use just the internet connection of the device to connect the communicating devices together. Besides this, not a penny is charged, thereby making these calls absolutely free and affordable for anyone and everyone. All national and international calls can be made directly, without having to worry about the cost of such calls.
  • As the internet has successfully penetrated all corners of the world, having a good network is not rare these days, except in the remotest of areas. Free voice calling apps work via the internet. Hence, free voice calling apps provide excellent voice quality and speedy transmission, much like normal calls.
  • The voice calling apps, a majority of them, are available for free download on the various app stores. This makes them highly accessible to all strata of users and not just the rich who can afford to pay for apps. This makes communication almost free, as the calling charges are just the internet carrier charges, which are nominal.
  • Some voice calling apps provide group calling features, which allow a number of people to talk simultaneously and stay updated about each other’s activities. Such apps are growing in demand as people of the same family often staying at different places for work or other reasons can now stay in touch regularly and chat in groups.

Are All Free Voice Calling Apps Helpful?

The free voice calling apps are present in a large number of app stores, though only a handful are effective in providing proper communication channels. The others, which have entered this market segment late and want to capitalize on the craze, have to work on their technology and improve their services with additional features in order to stand out in the competition and grab a significant market share.

Nowadays, most free voice calling apps pack in a host of other features like video calling, instant messaging, group chatting, group messaging and innovative stickers. These are just ways of attracting more people with their creative features, which in the end adds to their unique popularity among the users.

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