It’s not so surprising how this app has been nominated as Kid’s Choice Award for “Best App”.

This heart-stopping game has already reached a billion downloads from fans and others worldwide. There’s nothing more competing than beating your friends and bragging your top score with others. Well, you don’t have to stop there. Increase your bragging rights by knowing these simple tips and tricks to improve your score.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Freebies

Before getting started, you might want to like Temple Run 2 app on Facebook and follow it on Twitter for a free 250 coins and for some free gems. This might sound little but even the tiniest help counts especially when it‘s free.

Always Keep Updated

Sometimes just simply updating your old version to the new update will help you increase your score. New boosts and power ups can be added and will help you gain more score faster. Facebook updates are also helpful for people who want to buy power ups, coins, gems, etc. for a cheaper price. Since you already liked the app page on Facebook, they will keep you posted on updates and free goodies.

Know When to Use Your Gems

Since there are no cheats for gaining more gems and coins for Temple Run 2, you might want to save them as long as possible and only use it when you really need to. These times are when your current score is already catching up on your top score. These are the times you just have to use them.

Use Your Coins Properly

Just like your gems, you have to know what to use your coins for. And just like in investments, you might want to spend some to gain more. Spend it on your coin upgrades first – this will help you gain coins faster for faster upgrades of your boosters. Remember that the coin value and coin magnet makes a very good match.

Power Ups on Edges

As tempting as it may seem, you just might want to forget about those power ups hanging at the edge of a cliff. You may want to take the challenge but the risk of you falling is higher than getting those power ups. There will always be other power ups lying around somewhere where it is easier to grab them so better fight that urge of yours.

Achieve Your Objectives

The best way to play temple run 2 is when you maxed up your power ups and leveled up your multiplier high enough. One way on achieving this is finishing up all your objectives. There are a lot of objectives available and you’ll be rewarded after finishing them up. This will help you boost up your score. There are also objectives that help you earn the coin magnet power up for your character if you finish enough objectives. Another way to help you gain more coins for you to max up your power ups.


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