It is no surprise that the Assassins Creed series is one of the biggest hits among people. The gamers have been hooked to this series ever since its first launch and after years of changes and updates, Assassins Creed Unity is all set to entice gamers even more.

If you are wondering about the new features that are a part of Assassins Creed Unity series, we will list them for you.

The Four Players’ Co – Op Mode

When we are discussing the key features that are a part of the Assassins Creed Unity series, one of the points that must be mentioned is that the game now allows up to four players to join hands and put up a fight against the French revolution.

This is a revolutionary feature and has been introduced keeping in mind the needs and design of the next generation gaming consoles.

The developers are of the opinion that this feature is going to completely revamp the gaming experience.

Improved Hardware

This new series definitely comes packed with improvements for the next gen hardware and this is why you will be able to spot the improvement in graphics. The graphics of the game have received a major facelift.

Assassins Creed Unity offers a 1:1 scale for the French revolution and you can also enjoy a crowd density of 5000 NPC. Not only this, the mob that is a part of this game has been made more massive and the player responsiveness has increased significantly as well.

The buildings in this game are larger and much more massive than any of the previous versions. Apart from this, the combat sequences in Assassins Creed Unity have been worked upon and a new layer has been added to the game. The combats have been made more difficult and this game is going to be more engaging than ever before.

The List of Changes

With an increase in the difficulty of the combats and the levels, there are a string of changes that have been introduced.

• You now need to come up with the right kind of strategy to win the combats.

• Even your enemies have a health bar which helps in analyzing their effectiveness.

• The counter kill option is no longer available and even Arno has to make sure that you use a combination of different types of moves to relinquish the opponent.

• A new move called control descent has been added and this has brought in a new layer of flexibility.

Assassins Creed has undergone a massive change, and the improvements on this new title are certainly something to keep an eye out for. The game has been revamped a great deal and its reviews have been very impressive. You can check out these key updates and try your hand at this gaming series.

The developers have put in a substantial effort to ensure that gamers love the game and have fun while playing it.

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