After the E3 2014 reveal, most players are aware of the upcoming game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and the exoskeleton included in it that gives super powers to the players.

While some assume that it is more of a Crysis suit which gives superhuman strength, invisibility and cloak, the developers have something to say here. They have released a future tech video in their official YouTube channel that details more about the technology that they have introduced in the game and the gadgets that will change the way people play. Glen Schofield, general manager and co-founder of Sledgehammer games believes that the exoskeleton that they have come up with will redefine the way people have been experiencing Call of Duty so far.

It is unclear whether the team is trying to go against Respawn Entertainment, the company that was part of Modern Warfare 1 but later moved out to come up with the multiplayer first person shooter Titanfall. When Titanfall got released, it was compared with COD and said to be superior when it came to mobility. Players could jump, go at full speed and move on different planes than having to run on the ground all the time.

ExoSkeleton Changes the Game

In the Future Tech video, the co-founder Glen said, “The exoskeletons are so powerful that they will alter the way players experience the game. They increase agility so that you can run at full speed to escape or catch up with a vehicle or can use it to jump high to land on top of a moving vehicle. The suit is also equipped with cloak abilities that allow players to become invisible and infiltrate an enemy camp single handedly. It also provides the strength using which you can tear a car door off and use it as a temporary shield when being bombarded with bullets or debris.”

The video further shows how these actions are possible with visual cues which will definitely give you a better idea about the game that Sledgehammer had been building. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is also the first game that is designed for new generation platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC that gives developers more freedom to introduce features that they could never do on older generation consoles.

Future Gadgets

“We have built some exciting gadgets and guns based on present technology so that they look grounded. But, these are all weapons of the future that will soon be part of the military but players will get to experience them now. Besides, we made sure that only interesting and fun stuff are added to the game rather than making them too technical,” said Glen. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has a threat detection grenade, which will mark nearby enemies when detonated, and it has a mobile barricade that protects players on the move. The barricade automatically opens when you want to fire and will move in the direction that you move, protecting you from enemy fire all along. The team promises that there’s more than what is shown in the teaser video.

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