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Minecraft will most likely get a new patch today (June 26). This new patch will improve the gameplay and the performance when you are connected to Minecraft’s Realms.

Minecraft snapshot 14w26a and 14w26b come with a big collection of bug fixes and code rewrites that will improve the performance of the Minecraft client.

The latest series of fixes were addressed to problems with Minecraft’s SFX volume slider and bugs related to the game’s Snow and Iron golems.

In total, around 30 bugs were addressed in this week’s preview of the Minecraft 1.8 Update, however it seems that the Minecraft snapshop 14w26a didn’t come with fixes for all of them.

However, the only major problem with Minecraft snapshop 14w26a was that the game wasn’t loading normally in multiplayer but that bug was fixed on Minecraft snapshop 14w26b.

The members of Minecraft’s developer team are still giving hints of some undiscovered content, which it seems that it has been hidden in the last Minecraft’s versions. They are wondering if someone will finally discover the hidden Minecraft content in the following days.

However, the new feature is going to be more useful for map builders than for casual Minecraft players.

Here you can find more details about the snapshot 14w26a:

More information about snapshop 14w26b can be found here:

Minecraft is in a continuous development, and as usual, patches will always come with fixes, but they will most likely come with some bugs also. That’s why the developers are working hard to bring us these kinds of patches in order to fix all the problems from the  game.

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