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Run Like a Hero in Temple Run 2


Get out of the temple and never look behind. Run for your life as the ferocious guardian of the temple is after you. If you make a single mistake, you will be dead meat. Temple Run 2 is an ‘endless run’ game available for Android, Windows and iOS. After the massive popularity of its first release, this sequel is designed to take your breath away with more thrills, more surprises and more power ups to use. The main character of the game is somewhat similar to Indiana Jones who is out on his quest for adventure. The game is designed in such a way that keeps you busy running away from the ancient temple giant. If you are too scared to play, you will make mistakes, most definitely. Eventually, you can never set a high score. Here are some expert recommended tips that will help you to play this game like a true hero.

Enjoy the Endless Run

If you do not enjoy the concept of running without a final destination, then you will feel impatient after a few minutes of run, resulting in mistakes. Avid, endless run gamers, always enjoy their run while they surge through hundreds of obstacles and use power ups at the right time. Enjoying the game while you play it is an effective method to set a high score. Your passion for the highly enthusiastic run and collecting jewels will help you set a big score on the leaderboard. Play this game with your friends and try to capture the fun out of the odds.

Collect More Jewels while You Can

Jewels are scattered along the runway. You need to collect them as much as you can. You can purchase various power ups and upgrades redeeming the jewels. Do not try to collect jewels from difficult areas at first. Try to collect the ones that come on your way. Try collecting a couple of magic jewels. If you practice hard, you will know how to time your controls, getting more jewels along the way. It is best to set a target for the number of jewels you will want to collect. Reach the target score and then redeem the jewels for upgrades and power ups. This is a good trick increasing your thirst for a high score.

Choose Proper Upgrades

The in-game upgrades certainly matter, for a great marathon run, in Temple Run 2. You should know the secret behind using the right upgrades at the right time. Different levels of the game require different upgrades for smooth sailing. You need to master this art as a beginner. In case you have played the first release, you already have some idea about using the right upgrades. You should always prioritize upgrading the coin magnet ability. It is not wise to upgrade the score multiplier when you have just started playing. This feature is useful when you have achieved a moderate position in the game and that you can run for longer times. Do not bother upgrading the shield as it only protects you from obstacles and not from corners and edges. You must plan well and play like a hero.