Respawn Entertainment, the company behind Titanfall has released an official list of changes and updates that they have brought to the game recently.

The next update will finally allow players to customize their Titans while there will also be two new modes to explore. They are the Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing.

Customizing Your Titan

The freedom to customize your Titan is one of the most wanted features that players have been looking forward to. The update will add burn cards to these mechs that will allow players to change its abilities and weapons, as they usually do in games in Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty. You will now have the option to increase the time of an electric smoke or instantly deploy a pair of particle walls at the same time to defend yourself. The regular burn cards are usually lost quicker but the developers have changed this system for Titans which will make sure that you don’t lose your burn card until you die riding a Titan. Apart from this, there is one interesting addiction for those of you who are a bit bored with the same female voiceover saying ‘standby for Titanfall’. The update now allows you to customize any one of the three different voiceovers provided. And, when you successfully complete specific challenges, there will be an option to unlock insignias which can be used on the Titans as desired. The level of AI on Auto Titans has been tweaked as well and they will be able to make use of all the customizations as well as special abilities that you possess, such as using an electric smoke when an enemy player mounts it.

Burn Card Collections

Some of the changes that are coming to Burn Card collections sound promising as well. You will have the option to store up to 46 cards in your deck which will allow up to six more in regeneration that brings the total to 100. Whenever there is a match, you will have the option to exceed the maximum deck size limit but some might have to be discarded to keep things under control. The developers want to make sure that you don’t have excessive number of cards in the deck and lose some good ones because there is no space. They are also trying to make sure you retain only useful ones and use them at the right time without hesitating much. This leads to a balanced game play experience.

Weapon Balancing

Apart from the bug fixes, patches and new game modes, Titanfall will now feature a more balanced weapons system. A huge list of weapons in the game has been downgraded while a few have been upgraded to perform better. The R101 which is a basic gun now features lesser magazine size and long range stability while Hemlok has more damaging power now. Big Punch ability by the Ogre has been significantly reduced to balance the game play. Respawn has promised a long term support for the game with the next update being said to be around the corner!

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