In order to hit the 500 level in Candy Crush Saga, here are some Tricks and Cheats that might help you achieve your goal.

1. How to get extra lives in Candy Crush Saga

On your mobile device, you can manually set your time ahead in order to get full lives without paying a cent. To do this go to Settings->Date&Time and set your time with 2 hours ahead. Using this cheat will always get you free lives without spending real money in this game.

2. You don’t like your board? Reset it!

You can reset your board if you did not make any moves yet. So, at the beginning of a level, watch the board closely and decide if you want to reset it or not. To do this, just tap out to the main menu and then get back to the game.

3. Special candies

These candies are better than the basic 3candy match. In Candy Crush Saga we have three types of special candies: wrapped candies, color bombs and striped candies.

4. Super Candy Combos

When combing two special candies, you will make a special candy combo. Each combo has a different effect, and they will help you pass levels faster.

5. Suggested moves are not always the best moves

You want to use these suggested moves as a last resort. Most of the times, you will find better combos than the “suggested moves”. Try to ignore them as much as possible, but when you think there’s no other way and you’re stuck in the level, only then use this option.

Did our Tricks and Cheats for Candy Crush Saga help you reach the level 500 faster?

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