Unsurprisingly, Apple once again found itself in the need to reinvent the smartphone segment after the iPhone 5 came to the end of its life-cycle.

After introducing a 4 inch display, it seemed that Apple had little new to offer in its latest generation of smartphones.  Not only did they do it in an excellent fashion with iPhone 5S, but they also made the iPhone range accessible to more people with the iPhone 5C.


The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are very similar devices except for a couple of changes that have been done in order to reduce its price. The price remains the single biggest factor to separate the two devices. While the premium iPhone 5S continues to retail at $700, the iPhone 5C is substantially lower at just $530. Is it justifiable to pay the $170 difference to get the iPhone 5S? This phone certainly comes with a couple of features that may be important to some.


One of these premium features is the presence of the dual LED flash on the eight megapixel camera. Even though the camera specifications remain similar in terms of most features, the camera on the iPhone 5C lacks some aspects like the dual LED flash and a slightly smaller sensor. This may prevent the iPhone 5C from matching its premium cousin when it comes to low light photography.


The biggest change, though, will come in the processor department where the iPhone 5S uses a much faster A7 processor compared to the A6 processor used on the iPhone 5C. Apple has not made any changes to the A6 processor found on the iPhone 5 and the same processor has been carried on to this phone as well. The A7 processor, though, is brand-new and Apple claims that it makes the phone twice as fast even when running the latest version of the iOS. Both processors, though, are rated at 1.3 GHz in two cores.

There is no difference in terms of the display because both phones offer the same 4 inch size. The resolution is also the same at 640 x 1136 pixels. Powered by the LED-backlit IPS panel, this is one of the brightest displays in the market and there will absolutely be no issues in terms of using the phone in direct sunlight.


One of the effective ways to reduce the price is by downsizing the memory. Apple takes care of this by offering an 8 GB internal memory option on the iPhone 5C and this will be the cheapest iPhone on the market. For the memory hungry users, the iPhone 5S with a 64 GB internal memory provides a suitable option since the iPhone still misses out on the external memory card support. There is no difference between the two phones in terms of connectivity either.

Since they both offer the same screen size and most other configurations, battery life is also similar. This is despite the iPhone 5C boasting a slightly better 1560 mAh battery compared to 1510 mAh offered on the iPhone 5S.

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