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Video: Did Gene Simmons Piss Himself During Live Show?


Water or piss?
Water or piss?
Look, even if he did, I wouldn’t blame the guy. He’s well into his 60s, and sometimes, holding it while playing for several hours just isn’t an option.

Then again, the following fan-shot footage could depict massive ass sweat leakage and not pee.

The jury clearly is out.

Watch the following video, shot during Kiss’ show last week in Denver, and pay close attention around the 3:41 mark.

It looks like he pisses himself, but what do I know?

Simmons himself has taken to Twitter to say that he has poured water down the front of his outfit to wash off some fake blood.

He did not piss on stage.

“Honestly kids, if I pee onstage, I would own it,” says Gene on Twitter. “I did not. However, if I crap in my drawers, I will make sure to stand proudly behind it.”