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WhatsApp New Updates for Your Smartphone


This free widely used messaging app has recently released some updates for its smartphone users. Whatsapp which is available on Androids, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone has made various enhancements and bug fixes.

Free HD Calling

Whatsapp users on any platform can now enjoy free calling to family and friends around the world over Wi-Fi or 3G connection. It will definitely attract more users with its HD voice quality. It also allows users to disable the “last seen” time stamp on their android phones. A feature that was available on iOS for some time now. Users can quickly go to ‘Whatsapp Setting’, click on ‘Account Settings’ and then click on ‘Hide your Timestamp’.

Privacy Settings

Apart from that, social fanatics will be able to limit the visibility of their profiles pictures and statuses. Whatsapp users will now be able to hide their profile pictures from people who are not on their contact list, that they do not want looking through their information. Users can select to show this information to everyone, only people in their contacts or to nobody at all.

Image size and quality

Image size and quality has been improved, one can now send better quality images without having to reduce the size and quality of the image. Pictures can now be cropped before they are sent out. There is also the camera shortcut that will enable picture to be taken and sent to contacts quicker. The icon colors can now be changed to purple or orange and it can be customized it many ways. The background color settings can be changed along with the chat header. Different colors can also be chosen for unread messages, group messages, pending messages, group names and so on. They are also many new themes preferences for users.

Easier Notifications & Broadcasting

Whatsapp has made some changes to the Home Screen Widget so users can now easily see unread messages from the home screen instead of switching to the main Whatsapp menu.The upload limit for media content is now 16MB.Checking the statuses of other contacts is much more convenient with the upgrade since it is now shown below the chat window compared to clicking on a friend’s name in previous versions in order to check out their status. This is an awesome update that users are going to be bragging about.

The new features will surely make one’s social life more exciting and comfortable because the list of all contacts does not have to be access in order to check out media. There is also the new ‘Broadcast List’ feature, this allow its users to message persons in groups rather that doing it individually. Users will now be able to set up lists and copy the same in any broadcast. It makes communicating less of a hassle when we need to touch base with specific circle of friends and colleagues. The User’s mobile number has to be there in the contact list of people they are broadcasting to. Social fans will surely appreciate this new feature.

3D Maps

There has also been improvement with the maps which are now 3D in some parts, so that users can share their location information with friends. There is the option to Hide Places setting to turn off location sharing and keep privacy.

Hindi Language

Great news for Indians, Whatsapp is now ‘Hindi’ enabled allowing its Indian users to use the app in their own mother tongue. There is also a new service called ‘Pay for Friend’s Service’ allowing users to pay for a friend using Google Wallet and web payment.

Whatsapp is quickly becoming a basic necessity for people, it is free, easy to use and available on almost any smartphone.