Subway surfers has redefined the way applications must be designed and is much better than several other competing running games out there in the play store and app store.

This endless running game brought into the limelight by Kiloo, has already added the cities like Mumbai, Mexico, Paris, Belgium, Moscow, Karachi, New Orleans, Seoul, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, London, New York, Rome and Sydney.

The Glitches

The recently released Canadian Theme, Vancouver was brought forth with regular fervor and promised immense vigor to its gamers. Bustling in the snowy clad stereotypical Canadian setting, the Version 1.23.0 of Subway Surfers came out with the addition of the bustling enthusiastic character, Olivia. She is featured as the Girl Scout, extremely high in her spirits along with the moose board. The game also features umpteen new outfits for Olivia as if the regular wardrobe collection of another zillion was not sufficient.

Prince K can also change the outfits that Olivia brought in her Newbies set. It also features secretly hidden maple leaves to boost your game-spirit further, which can be found in the hallway. The version allowed its users to paint the trains around Vancouver with Olivia, addition of the Panel Moss suited according to your purchases and inventory of the limited paintings. This required Android 2.3 or higher consoles. The moose board is out to be won or to be paid for, according to the User’s preference. The Temple run characteristic of the slide and jump also has been updated to incorporate Oliva’s musing to admire the beautiful city if Vancouver, Canada.

The problems started when even its much awaited, diehard fans voiced their anger and disappointment regarding the countless bugs in the game. The fans complained about the persistent and recurrent crashing of the game and freezing screen. One of the users wrote an extensive feedback as “My God I was happy that you updated it, but man did it come with a lot of bugs. Sometimes the controls screw up. Sometimes it crashes for no apparent reason. But more power ups seem to be spawning… hmm”. To address the immediate concern of its users, Kiloo released a Patch. This brought the Subway Surfers 1.23.1 World Tour: Vancouver, Canada to its life.

More Concerns

Some members on the game page also have raised their unease and discomfort about the game’s misconceptions in the design of Version 1.23.0 Canada. The game has kept up its record of fame and popularity to attain the grossing rate in exemplifying heights for both the consoles of iOS and Android. The platform ratings also confirm the download rate as 100 to 500 Million times. The development team may have to come up with many more interesting updates to keep its growing fan base intact. But with countless new games entering the market on a daily basis, it won’t be easy for the Subway Surfers to hold its place in the market.

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