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Skype – Why It Is a Favorite Voice Communication Application to Many


Skype has over 500 million users (registered). This has made it one of the most used voice communication applications globally.

Skype comes with a softphone application and this is why many people consider Skype to be software.

Skype has played a major role in breaking barriers associated with communication. Back in the day, people had to carefully watch the seconds and minutes they used when making international calls. Skype has made it possible for people to communicate from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

Presence Information

Skype provides presence information in a very practical way. Presence refers to the willingness and availability of people to communicate. Here is an example – when you find your friend online and willing to communicate. Skype enables you to know who is online and who is not.

Quality Improvements Found In Skype for Your Widows PC

There have been some complaints by Microsoft users that Microsoft is keener on pushing updates for Skype on other platforms before their own. In light of this, Microsoft has released updates for the Skype desktop version. It’s worth noting that the features are not new except for a couple of bug fixes.

The Skype desktop version has been bumped up to 6.18. This new update easily squashes the bugs that occurred when contacts were imported from Facebook. The annotations for ‘Group Video Enabled’ have also been fixed. These annotations would occur to Skype users who had Premium subscription.

Here is a look at some of the things that have been changed:

– Messages that display an incorrect timestamp.

– Stability has improved based on reports and feedback from the Skype community.

– The confusing message that used to show about video being enabled because one of the participants has a Premium subscription has been removed. The reason is that group video calls have been made free for Skype users for a while.

What Is Not Free When Using Skype?

Calls made via Skype are free provided the parties involved are using devices that are compatible with Skype. They should also be using Skype service online. If a Skype user would like to call a landline or a mobile phone from their PC, they will have to pay for it. The rates are quite cheap. This service is known as Skype Out. If you would like to receive phone calls via PC Skype from landline or mobile phones, there is a Skype In service you can use with prepaid credit.


Features found in Skype have contributed to making it a favorite voice communication application for many people. Some of the features include call forwarding, MySpace integration, desktop sharing, sketch pad, control panel for business, public chats, contact list voicemail, SMS, video conferencing among others.

The different Skype services are available in most countries. It was developed to deliver consistent and clear calls online. Nowadays, there are many groups for Skype users from all over the Globe. The largest groups are people from South East Asia, North America, and Europe.