Amazon finally made an entrance into the media streaming player’s arena.

The recently released Amazon Fire TV media-streaming player directly comes in competition with the already established streaming players such as Apple TV and the streaming sticks such as Roku and Chromecast.


At times, the price does make a difference. If you require most apps on a budget, you should opt for Google’s Chromecast priced at just $35. The Roku streaming stick is available for $48. However, Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV come with a hefty price tag of $99. Chromecast streaming stick is the cheapest of all the streaming devices and has a distinct advantage.


These media streaming players are of diverse shapes and sizes. Amazon Fire TV is a square with dimensions of 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches in length and width respectively. Apple TV has dimensions of 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches of length and width respectively. These media streaming players can be easily stacked inside the media cabinet or can be placed on the TV set.

The Streaming sticks are much smaller than the boxes. Both are a little longer than a USB thumb drive, making them easier to install on the HDMI ports of your TV set.


Amazon Fire TV remote boasts of a voice search feature. You can talk to your remote to find show title or movies. Roku also supports a 5-button pad remote control that comes with a useful headphone jack featuring personal listening option. The Apple TV remote has a disadvantage of being too small to be easily misplaced. However, equipped with an iOS app for navigation, being small would not be a problem for some. Chromecast requires a tablet or smartphone to operate the device.


A media streaming player is not worthy of appreciation without a decent apps collection. Roku has over a thousand apps collection. Apple TV stands comfortably in the second position with around a hundred apps to its name. The latest Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast both lag behind with around twenty-four apps to their name.


The Amazon Fire TV has the best specs of all that amounts to approximately three times of processing power when compared to its closest counterparts. The device comes equipped with 2GB RAM giving it a larger memory than Chromecast and Apple TV.

The Fire TV media-streaming box may be the last released product in the group but the device offers enough features to provide tough competition to the other media streaming players in the market. Amazon Fire TV launch certainly defines a fully organized launch.


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