While the release date for Mortal Kombat X is some unknown month in 2015, players are already visibly excited for the game and it has been making its appearance at random places, now and then.

It comes from Nether Realms, the people who made the franchise so popular and also delivered a hit with Injustice Gods Among Us recently. These were some of the titles among many others including Street Fighter that made its appearance during Evo 2014.

During the final match of Street Fighter, Creative Director Ed Boon of the MK series decided to unveil Raiden, the thunder god with a game play video that was visibly impressive. It showed some of the powers that the character had which was almost similar to the ones that he has been wielding for over a decade now but with the new generation of hardware provided by Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game looked amazingly realistic with an environment that had depth to it. Recently, Ed Boon had an interview with Mad Catz during which he talked more about the upcoming title and also confirmed that it is going to feature some guest characters which would be something interesting to look forward to.

Guest Characters are coming

Injustice Gods Among Us from Nether Realms was the latest title to feature such guest characters and it made the game more interesting when players had the opportunity to play as Freddy or someone else apart from the usual comic superheroes. The trend is about to continue, if we are to believe what Ed Boon said during the interview. “The development studio embraced guest characters in Injustice Gods Among Us as well as in Mortal Kombat. Among them, Freddy Krueger and Scorpion were the most downloaded characters which showed us how popular they could get if served in the right way. I feel that players find it exciting to download a guest character. I can say that not every single one of them will be a guest but there could at least one of them which will give players a new perspective during hardcore battles,” said Ed Boon.

Who could it be?

Bringing a guest character to Mortal Kombat X is fun but at the same time there could be some exclusivity surrounding them. God of War’s Kratos was definitely an amazing addition but he was restricted only to Sony’s Playstation 3 platform while Scorpion and Freddy Krueger were open to them all. The new MKX is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. If they are planning to do something innovative and exciting, then the characters should definitely be open on all platforms so that everyone could get a chance to explore them. So far, Mortal Kombat X has been confirmed to feature Raiden, Kotal Kahn, Cassie Cage, D’Vorah, Ferrah and Torr while a lot of official characters are yet to be revealed.

Mortal Kombat X is scheduled to launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC somewhere in early or mid 2015.

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