The XBox 360 marked the proper entry of Microsoft into the gaming world.

The initial offering, XBox, was not able to live up to the full expectations of the people from the technology giant. As a result, Microsoft employed its best technology and minds while developing this product and made sure that it enticed the gaming fraternity with its exceptional features, smooth platform and great experience. And hence the XBox 360 was launched in the year 2005 and it created waves soon after being launched. People, who already had great expectations from this Microsoft baby and also the ones who were bored of their older consoles, took to the XBox 360 and were instantly glued to the amazing features that the console had. This made Microsoft a force to reckon with in the gaming market and helped it give stiff competition to the top players like Sony and Nintendo.

The XBox 360 is an agglomeration of a plethora of features. It is an exceptional gaming platform, which is known for its simplicity, as much as it is known for its great graphics. Besides providing a great gaming experience to the users, XBox 360 allows gamers to download new games from the Internet, play games online, stream live videos and songs, capture or download videos, download music through XBox portals, watch TV online and make social media updates, all from the luxury of their living rooms using just an Internet connection. So many features have never been incorporated into one product ever before and hence Microsoft’s brainchild has been running successfully in the markets for all the years till now.

Motion Sensor Games

The XBox 360 marked the use of another technology by Microsoft, the motion sensor technology. This technology had been popularized by Sony and Nintendo. But there were many problems and not all games could be played using it. There were also many sensitivity issues. However, Microsoft has used its advanced technology and deep research to make the motion sensor technology perfect and suitable for a large number of games including sports, action and arcade ones. This technology allows the players to actually play the game by moving their bodies while the player who represents them in the game, does the same moves. This technology was an instant hit among the people who were facing troubles in the technology offered by other gaming consoles. The XBox 360 was also the first device where this motion sensor technology was used for the first time by Microsoft.

All Major Games Launched in XBox Compatible Version

All the major PC games have been launched in the XBox version also. The reason for this is: in order to fully exploit the potential of the XBox in terms of graphics, sensitivity and other factors, XBox compatible games can only be run on the device. This provides a unique gaming experience and prevents problems of piracy and fake duplicate games being circulated in the market as they always have to be licensed ones. This also makes XBox 360 a prime choice for ardent gamers.

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