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Battlefield 4 – Dragon's Teeth Add On


Dragon’s Teeth is the fourth expansion of the popular franchise, Battlefield’s fourth installment.

The much anticipated add on was launched on 15 July and contains 4 maps within itself. This new content is certainly going to rev up the week for those who have been eagerly playing and enjoying the game. The expansion is extremely perky and promises a lot of action to the action loving fans of the game.

What’s New?

Battlefield 4 is a game that features constant battles between cops and robbers. In a multiplayer scenario, the game offers a lot of interesting content. What is more interesting is the spate of add on content that the game has received. With Dragon’s Teeth, you can expect a lot more urban warfare in Asian cities. You will get four new maps, namely the Lumphini Garden, Sunken Dragon, Propganda and Pearl Market. Apart from taking the battle to a host of new venues, the game also offers new battle and gameplay mode called the Chain Link. This is a mode where you get 5 new weapons, a new pickup drone, especially made for battles and a new gadget.


Dragon’s Teeth has already been made available to all the premium subscribers of the game. The rest of the players will be able to access it two weeks later, on July 29th. This is the fourth expansion pack to be released for the game and has only gone on to add to the already fervent excitement surrounding it.

New Weapons and Gadgets

In the game, you will get five new weapons – Desert Eagle 44, which is a large framed pistol that is semi automatic and a one that easily fires a variety of rounds; Unica 6, which is a weapon that is semi automatic and one in which the recoil from firing automatically rotates the cylinder and cocks the hammer; McMillan CS5, which is a sniper rifle also known as the ‘Supersonic/Subsonic Concealable Sniper System’ which is supressed; SIG-Sauer MPX which is a gas operated submachine gun and SRSS BullDog 762 Gen-4, which is an assault rifle that causes heavy damage and casualties.

Apart from these weapons, the ‘add on’ also introduces a ballistic shield that would help defend your player from different kinds of ballistics, including handguns, submachine guns and shotguns. In addition, these are handheld in a way that gives you more options for mobility and they are easy to carry. So if you are on the run, these ballistic shields will give you all the protection you need, from enemy fire. To further protect you and make getaways easier, you will now have the RAWR battle pickup. Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System or MAARS, this pickup comes with an M240 LMG launcher, along with four M203 3GL launchers. In addition to its ballistic power, it also has Thermal and Zoom Optics to give you a clearer view of the enemy’s territory. This drone is easy to identify in the battlefield and is a nifty little gadget to find out enemy positions and get real time information about their plans and tactics.