Watch Dogs PC Looks As Good As E3 2012 Version

Before you try to know how to make Watch Dogs appealing, as it looked during the E3 2012 conference, please note that the mod is available only for the PC version of the game. The console versions including Xbox One and Playstation 4 uses a closed development structure, which doesn’t allow any third parties to make changes to it, unless it comes from the original developer. So, to enjoy these visual updates and to see the game in a different light, you have to switch over to the PC version, whether you like it or not.

At the moment, gamers who love Windows games because of mods are enjoying the fruits of their labor because a modder named The Worse on Guru3D has managed to find some hidden files which allowed him to tweak the settings. A detailed list of the changes he made has been posted on the official blog and after having tried them out himself, he has officially released a mod, which when applied, brings a lot of visual oomph factor to the game.

Brilliantly Beautiful

If you have been playing Watch Dogs for some time now, you would have noticed that the game looks almost washed out and every element looks dull. The graphic levels have been considerably reduced to make sure that it runs smoothly on the older generation PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Even the newly released hardware can’t handle all its visual glory which is why it was declared that the title will not run in 1080p, 60 fps, even in the Playstation 4 console, which was touted to sport the most powerful hardware. Everything has changed now because the user ‘The Worse’ released some amazing screenshots of the game with the new changes implemented into it.


It can be found in the Guru3D forum and as it is quite popular in the internet by now, you will be able to find it easily. On paper, it talks about a lot of technical stuff but any average person can find its brilliant visuals by just looking at those screenshots.

The sea looks extremely realistic and the waves are much more vibrant one with actual reflection in it. The second screenshot shows the sea in a different angle and it looks too good because there is an added rain effect to it. The lights now have lens flare, road textures are better and pedestrians are more prevalent than they were.

Official Change Log

The modder has changed many features and has promised that he will come up with a new fix soon. The currently available mod may cause crashing issues among others but the developer has confirmed that he will be releasing newer versions which are more stable. The official change log includes E3 2012 bloom, lens flare, rain changes, lighting, reflection, stuttering improvements and change to default fog values.

Out of them all, high quality rain drops, their reaction to light and water are some of the notable ones that add a touch of brilliance to the game. Try installing the mod in your game and you will be amazed.

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