Today we thought we would compare two of Nokia’s phones to figure out which one would be a better choice when you are looking to buy a new entry-level handset, either for you or for a loved one. The two devices are the Nokia N8 and the Nokia N9.

Nokia N9

The device comes with a larger display (3.9 inches) than the N8, that is an AMOLED display and that can render a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The display comes with multi touch capabilities as well as some basic sensors, which is seen on the Nokia N8 too. While the device is larger than the N8, it weighs 135 g, which is exactly the weight its counterpart shows off too.  The processor that powers the Nokia N9 is a single core processor clocked at 1000 MhZ. The device supports 1GB of RAM and a whooping internal memory of 64 GB. As for camera specs, the handset comes with an 8MP camera. The operating system the Nokia N9 runs on is the MeeGO OS.

The device will last you up to 11 hours, seeing how it houses a battery unit with a capacity of 1450 mAh.

Nokia N8

The handset comes with a smaller 3.5 inches AMOLED display that renders an inferior resolution to the one seen on the Nokia N9. The processor is also a single core but this one is working at 680 MHz. The smartphone supports 16GB of ROM, which is nice but does not compare with the 64GB we saw on the N9. What the Nokia N8 excels at is the camera specs, seeing how the main camera of the handset has 12.1 MP. The battery unit on the N8 is actually not so powerful, but it lasts more than the one on the N9: 12 hours.

The operating system of the Nokia N8 is Symbian OS.

Conclusion and price comparison

If you’re interested in better processor specs and more internal storage space, then it is obvious that the Nokia N9 would be the better choice for you, the device being priced at $298.00.

The Nokia N8 doesn’t only have better camera specs, but it is also significantly cheaper, so if these are two important aspects for you, then you should buy this handset at the price of $166.00.

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