Adobe Flash Player 14, the latest release by Adobe Systems has not yet been launched in the market and is still in the test phase.

Currently, only the beta version, Lombard, has been released and is available in both 16 bit and 32 bit versions. Like its predecessors, this flash player is known for its cross-platform versatility and compatibility with almost all the major browsers used today. This flash player comes along with an ActiveX control, known as Adobe Flash Player 14ActiveX, which gets automatically installed, along with the flash player. A majority of the people using this ActiveX control, belong to the United States and Canada.

Installing Adobe Flash Player 14 ActiveX on Your Computer

After various versions, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 14 ActiveX that is presently used, the maximum number of times, is This ActiveX control is used with more than 98% of the installations of the latest version of the flash player. When you set up the flash player, the ActiveX control automatically gets activated so that it boots by itself at the time of system start-up. The booting takes place through a Windows Schedule Task that schedules the program to be launched at various specified times. Whenever the Adobe Flash Player 14 ActiveX gets executed, it also automatically runs a background controller service. If you do not want this controller service to run at the same time as the ActiveX control, you can delay the time it starts, through a setting in the service manager. When you connect to the Internet, the ActiveX control automatically adds a Windows Firewall exception to avoid hindrance with its working.

It is worth noting that while Adobe Flash Player 14 is highly versatile and compatible; its ActiveX control can be used only on a Windows based system and helps in displaying interactive content and multimedia only on the Internet Explorer browser. This is actually the key difference between the ActiveX control and the plug-in. The plug-in can be used on almost all other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and others. However, at present, the ActiveX control available with the beta release of the flash player is not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system.

Why You Must Consider Installing Adobe Flash Player 14?

There are many new and improvised features that are worth bearing in mind, when you install Adobe Flash Player 14. Some of these features include accelerated 2D/3D graphics effects for games, advanced bitmap control, SWF file optimization, concurrency, multicore rendering and content protection. These features assist in creating more interactive and responsive games, playing HD videos, delivering smoother animations, adaptive and optimized bitrate streaming and more. In a nutshell, you can have a hassle free experience viewing any form of interactive content such as advertisements, games and even business presentations on a device that has Adobe Flash Player 14 installed.

Apart from the ActiveX control, Adobe Flash Player 14 comes with another useful utility service called the Adobe Flash Player Update Service. To use this service, it has to be configured when the flash player is installed. If this is done, the update service runs once a day when the flash player is installed and automatically installs any update available.

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