Battlefield Hardline is EA’s most anticipated title of 2014 which was supposed to compete with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

While the COD series has adopted an annual release schedule of games made by three different studios and Activision publishing it, EA confirmed earlier that they don’t support the idea. They claimed that they would like to be the company that releases quality games, which will get released only once in two years, but everything changed with Hardline. It was confirmed to be developed by Visceral games and was slated for a October release. The beta went line that met with negative criticism for being too much like Battlefield 4. The developers tried their best to fix bugs, glitches and change the overall feel of the game so that it looks like an all new experience.

It looks like their efforts failed but it is good to see the company keen to deliver only the best to their audience. Players are already annoyed with the fact that BF4 got released a year earlier and was full of issues and they lost their $60 with it. The issue didn’t end there, because people paid another $60 for the premium subscription for a bunch of maps that are yet to get released. EA’s decision to postpone the game, indefinitely, sounds plausible and if they could come out with a quality product next year, it will be well worth the wait.

Expected Upgrades

When Battlefield Hardline releases in early 2015 as confirmed by the developers, a slew of upgrades is being expected. In their official statement, they have claimed that it is going to be a fully revamped single player experience. In an earlier interview, the creative director confirmed that Hardline will not feature missions where there are lots of cut scenes every ten minutes and cinematic action sequences injected into it. It will rather adapt the style of modern day crime dramas and television serials, which have captivated the audience so well. He added that the storyline, characters and the overall experience of the single player campaign in Battlefield Hardline will be close to the lines of the television series that modern day audience are familiar with. The idea definitely sounds good on paper and they would have most probably completed most of the missions; but the additional months that they have acquired now should help them polish the game to a better extent. Similar updates are expected to be in place with the multiplayer modes, weapons and vehicles as well.

Changes in Multiplayer Experience

The multiplayer experience offered during the beta wasn’t so impressive because Battlefield Hardline was Battlefield 4, except for the skins used. There were police cars, armored trucks and characters wearing civilian clothes instead of military camo. Apart from that, everything was that of a military shooter which Visceral expects to change, by revamping the HUD, limiting the heavy power weapons and making the vehicles more robust, so that they don’t blast with every gun shot. It’s going to be a long wait before we could see how the new Hardline looks.

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