The Minecraft PS4 edition is incompatible with lower PS versions and is thus only run on the PS4.

Sony did this intentionally so that they could preserve PS4’s edge over the previous versions. Sony also did this to overcome some problems and lags faced in previous Play Station versions.

Minecraft PS4 is quite a delight to gamers. It plays very well on the superior PS4 platform. Since this Minecraft edition is developed specifically for PS4, it gives exceptional output when it comes to ease of play, smoothness, handling, graphics and visuals. The PS4, with its software enhancements and hardware quality, makes Minecraft awesome.

Great Concepts Coupled With Technology

The game’s interface is well designed, and it gels well with the PS4 controls and hardware. The technological changes have also made the games easy to control and the game play much smoother. Minecraft, which allows players to destroy and build entire cities, works beautifully on the intensive PS4 hardware. While the game is already famous on platforms such as Xbox and PS3, the PS4 version gives players a whole new gaming experience. Additionally, the ‘Sony’ name comes with a certain degree of trust ascribed to it. This makes the Minecraft game an automatic crowd puller.

Non-Compatibility with Multiple-Platforms

Minecraft PS4 cannot be run on different platforms. Therefore, this game is unusable and unsuitable for any platform other than PS4. Even though this may come across as a limitation, it has an advantage and may turn out to be much better than what players expect.

What You Should Expect With Minecraft PS4

If you thought the Minecraft PS3 worlds are big, then you have not seen anything yet. Minecraft PS4 edition will feature worlds that are about 36 times larger than the previous worlds.

Current PS3 players will not have to worry about losing their saved games as they will also be able to import them to this new version. This enables them to continue building immense structures and to explore the Nether even deeper.

Mojang is also offering players a very convenient scheme (for those players who would like to upgrade). If you own a PS3, it will cost you less to upgrade to the PS4 version. This scheme is also applicable to all players who bought the Minecraft digital copy. They will also have the ability to move the PSN accounts to this new console.

There are Dualshock features that help players navigate the menus and craft using touchpad. Moreover, the built-in social thingymabobs make it easy for players to share and stream their experiences. However, if you are not in the habit of showing your skills off, you should not worry as this feature is completely optional.

There are many trophies to be won by all hunters. After its release, there will also be a Sony-specific DLC.

Additional Information on Minecraft PS4

• Minecraft PS4 release date is set for August 2015 and will include all PS3 features.

• At a minimum, players can upgrade a year after its release.

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