Minecraft PS3 is a game that allows players to create a world where they can be whatever they want to be.

As a player, you can dig down to new depths or build amazing structures.

Gamescom Sony released the Minecraft PS3 version in 2003. Even so, this Minecraft version was released on different dates in different continents. For example, it was released in 18th December in Europe whereas it was released on 17th December in North America.

Skin Pack Release

4J Studios look forward to turning skin packs to content that can be easily downloaded. Each skin pack has more than 40 skins for players to choose from. The first ever skin pack for the PS3 to be released was the Festive skin pack. This skin pack was released the same day the Minecraft PS3 version was released (December 17th, 2013).

Helpful Tips for Playing Minecraft PS3

-Try to avoid digging straight down because going back up can prove to be hard. What’s more, you might end up in the uncomfortably hot lava.

-When mining, keep a lookout for a route leading you up. When you see it, take it. Before you decide to go on an adventure deep underground, explore all safe options you have.

-Be very careful when you are in places that are dark. There are some scary things that might sneak up on you.

-Always carry torches when collecting resources.

-You can use tolls whenever you wish to upgrade.

-The first thing you should do is to build shelters before nightfall. Weird things come out when it gets dark.

-Make sure that you have enough food with you when on an exploration. It is not fun going hungry.

– An iron armor will provide better protection. Make sure you craft one.

-When you come across bugs, never look at them directly.

Four of the best seeds for Minecraft PS3

Minecraft randomly creates worlds. This almost limitless Minecraft world is generated at the background on complex algorithms. Very few people know that the world’s basic code is based on seeds.

By default, Minecraft takes current system time as being the central input for a world’s starting values. However, you can influence the seeds – copy/paste them into the game’s underlying code. You will, therefore, be able to recreate worlds.

Seed: Grasslands

You spawn amid 2 fungal biomes and 2 villages. One village has a diamond you can use to obtain top-tier gear.

Seed 322073403795967889

Spawn by a blacksmith in a village. Near the spawn, you will see a gigantic cave system that branches out to various sections. When you keenly look at one section, you will see a mineshaft with a skeleton spawner in it that has been abandoned.

Seed 1541307

This seed will spawn you on a big island that is in the middle of an ocean and has other small islands around it. Beneath the spawn is a stronghold.

Seed 4920100203156183566

This is a superflat seed.

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