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AVG Vs Norton Antivirus Download – Which Is More Superior


For anyone with a computer, buying and constantly updating their security software is always at the top of the list of things to do. When most people go out to purchase security software, they often compare Norton and AVG antivirus software programs. Both come with a staggering number of features as well as well-established credibility.

Norton and AVG both come with very easy to use control panels and are easy to set up. This makes it easy for everyone, including novices, to use the software programs. With both products, you will not have to trade safety for usability as they offer both benefits in one pack.

Norton Antivirus

Norton comes with a database of many known virus threats and thus has the ability to keep your computer safe from these threats. It also comes with insight features that make it possible for the software to scan your computer files and detect risks. All this is done without touching the trusted files, making the scanning process easy and time-saving.

There have been reports from users that Norton does not detect some types of threats. Users say that they are required to install and use a second antivirus software program to find the infections that may have been missed by Norton. Consequently, having more than one security software takes up space on a computer and leads to slow down. This is by far the greatest disadvantage of using Norton.


This is an antivirus program, which also has the ability to root out multiple types of malicious viruses and malware. While it works efficiently to get rid of threats, it is not programmed to target unsafe files only. Therefore, it scans all files, including the safe files, which takes up more time to complete, than Norton does. Also, this inability to categorize safe and unsafe files requires the user to create a list of safe files, whenever AVG lists them as malicious program files.

Also, there have been numerous complaints over the sluggishness of AVG. This makes operating other software programs a slow and boring experience. On the up side, AVG only performs scans on modified files and items as opposed to scanning the entire system. Therefore, it only performs a full system scan when it is first installed.

Gaming Options

It is always ideal to remain protected while gaming online. AVG and Norton offer excellent protection when running on gaming mode. You simply need to ensure that you activate the gaming option which allows the antivirus to run in the background as you enjoy your gaming. Running the program in the background does not interrupt the use of other software, like movie and game players. You also enjoy gaming without the notification pop-ups.

Both AVG and Norton offer security from viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers as well as rootkits. They come with regular updates, which can be downloaded and applied easily. This ensures your system stays updated and secured against the most current threats.


When comparing the two, Norton has a fair advantage over AVG. This is because it comes with adjustable security settings. These make it easier for the user to control what the software monitors on your system. This feature is not available in AVG.