Do you love clicking pictures?

All those who enjoy clicking and sharing pictures are sure to be addicted to Instagram, because it is hailed to be the top portal when it comes to using filters and sharing your pictures on social networking sites.

Facebook purchased Instagram a long time back and ever since then, it made sure to keep it as a separate identity rather than merging it with itself. It looks like this was indeed a smart move by Facebook developers because people have appreciated the uniqueness of the portal.

While you do have the option of directly sharing the clicked pictures on sites like Facebook, Instagram has its own role to play. If you are wondering why you too should download the Instagram application, here are the points that will convince you to do so.

There Is Nothing Like Instagram Filters

When we are talking about Instagram filters, it pays to know that absolutely nothing compares to it. Instagram is known for offering some of the best and most unique filters, which will help you click the finest shots you could ask for.

Instagram is known for the whopping variety on offer. You will find almost all kinds of filters, ranging from the ones that will give you a vintage look to those that make you shine bright and look like a party beast. The filters can brighten the picture, adjust the color intensity and do a lot more.

Easy Sharing

These days, sharing pictures on social media sites has become a rage. Almost everyone is looking to share their pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that they can show off their excellent photography skills to their friends. If you too wish the same or even if you love being clicked or sharing your own pictures, Instagram will be the go – to app for your needs.

The ease with which the photos are automatically shared to your profile makes this app extremely popular. The moment you click a picture, you can instantly have it on your social media profiles without the need to make manual changes. There are automatic settings which will make it happen and this saves great deal of time as well.

The Instagram Community – You Will Love It

If you are a regular Instragrammer, you will know how cheerful and loving the Instagram community is. Connect with like-minded people and share your love for pictures. You can share random shots and build your photography portfolio as well. Those who are pursuing a career in photography must have a profile on Instagram. It is one of the best ways of showcasing your skills and caliber on this platform.

There can be a hundred reasons for you to love Instagram. As there is no cost to using this platform, you should try it out once and then pass your verdict. The odds are high that you will be addicted to what this platform has to offer.

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