When looking for a new smart device to purchase, things can get a little bit difficult when trying to pick the right choice. Why? Because the market is bundled with hundreds of worthy devices, all filled with features and most at an affordable price. Today we were thinking about tablets and the hard process customers have to go through to pick the right one to fit their criteria. We’re willing to make it a little bit easier on our readers that are looking for a tablet as we chose two of the most talked about tablets at the moment to comment on and see what exactly both have to offer. We’re talking about LG’s Pad 8.3 and Apple’s iPad Air.

The device comes with a very nice design: a color combination between white and silver. The tablet sells at a price around $450.00. Regarding specs, we can see that the iPad Air is powered by a M7 motion processor paired with the Apple A7 chipset (64-bit). It holds a display of 9.7 inches which has a light sensor and oleophobic coating for added protection. The main camera has 5 MP (iSight model) with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and 1080p video shooting. The device comes with 128 GB of internal storage capacity and is estimated to last around 10 hours.

LG releases the Pad 8.3 with two color options: black and white. This tablet can be bought at a smaller price than the iPad Air ($280.00), but it is also a smaller device: it comes with an 8.3 inches display. The display comes with a light sensor and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The processor that powers the device is paired up with the Snapdragon 600 chipset from Qualcomm. The battery unit that is housed by the LG Pad 8.3 has a capacity of 4600 mAh. The internal memory sits at only 16 GB. The main camera has 1.3 MP. While Apple’s iPad Air is quite light, the LG Pad 8.3 is actually lighter (it weighs less than a pound).

After reviewing these two, we can say that both come with some pretty nice specs and features. But overall, we have to give it to the iPad Air for bringing more to the table than the LG Pad 8.3 can. If we’re going to recommend one of these tablets, it would be Apple’s device – but you have to keep in mind that the price is almost doubled with this tablet. Whatever your decision might be, we’re sure you will be pleased with your new smart device.


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