The third game of the franchise, Witcher 3, being developed by a Polish gaming company Project Red, is all set to rock the gaming world in a few months.

The anticipation is huge, because of the high benchmarks set by the previous two installments of the game, which have been loved for their exceptional story telling methods, deadly combats and challenging action. It is a role play action game, which has been loved by the gamers and the trailers of the same have already been released. The five major takeaways from the trailers are given below.

Interesting Side Quests

In this version, more focus is being put on the side quests in which the witcher Geralt is trying to help the town which has been plagued by a murderous creature named leshen. Geralt has to interact with the people, find the responsible causes of the deaths and take the best possible course of action for getting rid of the monster. The various twists, story line and the interactions, followed by a challenging battle with the monster, are interesting. Though the players can skip such side quests; but it makes a lot of sense to play the game in totality.

Larger Maps than Older Versions

The game makers proclaim that the map is about 35 times larger than the previous versions of the game Witcher 3. This allows the players to explore and travel a wider area, among different cultures and new mythologies. The day and night cycles and the occurrence of events have been made more real, like the werewolves becoming more dangerous, during nights. The game has many side quests and random events besides the main quest which keeps the gamers interested and motivated at the same time.

A New Sense

In the game, Geralt has been endowed with a sense, called the Witcher Sense, which serves as a sixth sense to him. On activating this mode, the world becomes dark and the important marks or the regions are highlighted. This helps the witcher in tracking the movements of enemies and of finding his own way and destination. It is much like the Detective Vision mode of Batman in the Arkham series.

Total Control over the Game Movement

The players define the way the game progresses. This has been the bedrock on which all the previous versions of the game have been developed and it will be the same for this version too. The game shapes and progresses as per the players’ choices. For instance, the various side quests provide different story lines and they merge together later, depending on the course of action that the players choose, during the game.

Numerous Monsters

The game trailer gives a peek into the vast world of monsters, which the game has, within. There are more than 80 monsters, whose database is maintained in the beastiary, held by Geralt. The game Witcher 3 is made all the more challenging and fun filled, as Geralt faces these monsters and fights each of them in a different manner.

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